A unique 2-in-1 CRM and ERP tool built for the modern business

Dynamics 365 is a single unified offering with tools for both Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning. Designed for the modern business to sell more effectively, strategise better and market smarter, the 2-in-1 cloud solution offers access to several applications, including Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Project Service Automation and PowerApps.

The benefits of using Dynamics 365

Sell more by staying focused

Bring your sales team together by giving them the right tools for the job with leads and opportunity management, quick access to products and price lists, and deliver the best from a unified service desk.

Work smarter to win faster

Let your team work more efficiently by giving them the ability to run workflows and on-demand processes. Enable easy access to accounts, contacts and customer activities, while making searches faster with advanced find.

Grow your business profitably

With interactive dashboards, data reporting and visualisations, Dynamics 365 is a great tool for identifying which path to a sale works best, in order to increase revenue at quicker rates for the future.

Deliver consistency and loyalty

Excel in customer service by allowing team members to view full case management, service details and a customer’s contracts and entitlements. Make follow-up calls and engage with them socially for a personalised service.

Benefit from a low-cost solution

Reduce your overhead costs with Dynamics 365 by selecting subscriptions through job expertise and specificity rather than a standard tiered plan, with team members or full use plans for specific applications.

Maximise your productivity

Dynamics 365 works seamlessly with other Microsoft products including Office 365 and Power BI. You’ll even be able to work on the go by downloading the app on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Find your perfect package

Dynamics 365 comes in two forms; Enterprise and Business Edition. There are many applications to choose from that can be bought separately or as part of a plan, depending on which edition suits your business best.


Bring multiple financial systems together with a single view in Dynamics and process information easier and much more efficiently.


Manage your business-critical processes such as inventory and transportation operations all in one application.


Generate leads and nurture customer relationships with access to a system that streamlines the natural sales process.

Customer Service

Drive customer engagement and personalise their experience so your employees can work smarter and aid the customer faster.

Field Service

Optimise your service schedule and enhance real-time communication between customer service and dispatch employees.

Project Service Automation

Deliver projects on time and in budget with an efficient system that helps streamline the entire project from start to finish.


Bring together your marketing and sales teams with an application that aids collaboration between content, emails and data.


Automate business processes and workflows without the hassle of writing code and build apps quicker so you can get them to market faster.

Choose from full or team member usage

The greatest part about Dynamics 365 is that there’s no reason to buy fully priced plans if your employees don’t need it. Purchase full use plans to access business tools at a deeper engagement level or buy the team members plan which gives a surface level overview across several applications. A cost-effective structure that’s designed to aid the user.

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